The Answers You Need

What do you sell?

We specialize in full house to broom clean -meaning we will sell almost anything.  We can stage a sale from a full house, storage unit, apartment or whatever options you have.  This can include housewares, tools, china, antiques, collectibles, furniture, art, rugs, crystal, silver, outdoor items, linens and more.

 How much do you charge to conduct a sale?

Each contract is set up separately because each is unique.  Please contact us to discuss your personal situation, type of sale and timeline.   Our rates are very competitive for the market.

Must I have antiques for it to be called an estate sale?

No.  Estate Sales are typically defined as a sale for a substantial portion of materials owned by a person that must downsize, liquidate assets or facilitate a move. These can be any and all household items, such as furniture, housewares, china, crystal, etc.

How long does setting up an estate sale take?

While we want to get your sale done quickly, we also want to do it well.  Each sale is a little bit different depending on your schedule, our current sales and the items you have for sale.  We try to do sales within a month but will be happy to work with you to conduct your sale in a timely manner.

What do you do with left over items?

That is determined by the seller.  Generally, most of our sellers prefer to have all items removed from the home when the sale is over.  That generally happens through a donation of leftover items to a local charity.